Kansas City: All Out Saturday Nov. 9th to Oppose the Nazis and the Klan!


This is a reprint of an article from Scission on the coming joint Nazi and Klansman rally coming to Kansas City on Saturday November 9th. For all those readers who are in or around Kansas City please join the event page here. The counter rally will be at the Jackson County Courthouse 415 East 12th Street Kansas City, MO 64106 starting at 2 pm.


Nazis  (National Socialist Movement)are coming to my town.  They aren’t coming here alone.  They are hoping to bring a plethora of other white supremacists with them.  They will be gathering on the steps of the Jackson County Courthouse in downtown Kansas City this Saturday afternoon for a public rally and then heading to an undisclosed location to do their more private dirty deeds.
Grass roots organizing by anti-racist activists has been underway to let the white supremacists know they are less then welcome here.  They…

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Solidarity With The CUNY 6!


An Activist from the RSCC

On September 17, 2013 At 6:30 pm six peaceful protestors were arrested at a fundraising event where David Petraeus, Fareed Zakaria and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg were scheduled to speak, the protest was organized by The AdHoc Committee Against the Militarization of CUNY, a coalition between the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee (RSCC), the Internationalist Group and others to oust retired General and CIA Director David Petraeus from teaching classes at the the City University of New York. Eyewitnesses claim all of those arrested were beaten, including one person being knocked unconscious. The Kansas City Marxist Alliance strongly condemns the repressive actions carried out by the NYPD against peaceful protestors and demand the release of the CUNY 6 from police custody! We also express approval of the anti-militarization campaign to oust David Petraeus from CUNY.


Free the CUNY 6!


If you are in New York City you should come out to 100 Centre street New York, NY 10013 at 9:00 a.m. ET to demonstrate a show of solidarity for the protestors.

The FB Event:

RSCC Statement:


Videos from the protests against the militarization of CUNY

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